Bus carrying anti-trans message vandalised in New York City

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

A bus carrying an anti-transgender message has been vandalised in New York City.

The bus, organised by the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) and called the ‘Free Speech Bus’, was keyed and spray painted with pro-trans messages.

NOM told USA Today that ‘Trans Liberation’ was sprayed on the side of the bus when it was parked near the United Nations in NYC.

The people on board the buss were inside the UN building when two people approached, sprayed the message and cracked a window before tackling the driver who tried to protect it.

“Boys are boys and girls are girls – it’s very simple,” NOM president Brian Brown Brown said of message of the bus.

“We don’t want men in girl’s restrooms. We don’t want schools and our law attempting to say that people are bigoted simply because they understand that there’s a difference between male and female.”

A report was filed with the NYPD, which is investigating the incident.

The bus has been criticised for carrying an anti-LGBT message, particularly in New York City which is known for openly supporting equality.

Brown claimed that as the bus drove through the city, people gave him thumbs up.

But he also said others made “some other hand signals”.

It has been dubbed the ‘Hate Bus’ by LGBT groups, who say that it is transphobia hiding behind the guise of free speech.

The bus is soon to head to Yale University before returning to Washington next week.