Turner is looking weirdly attractive on the new £20 note

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J. M. W. Turner will appear on the new £20 note, it has been confirmed… and he’s looking weirdly attractive.

The Bank of England announced the new face of the £20 note this week, ahead of the introduction of the new currency.

Following a public contest to find a historical figure to replace Adam Smith, the banknote advisory committee selected artist Joseph Mallord William Turner.

The bank has now released a concept of what the new polymer note will look like, and we can’t help but notice he’s looking pretty damn fine.

Turner is looking weirdly attractive on the new £20 note

Turner’s youthful appearance bears a stark contrast to the current notes in circulation, with Charles Darwin and Adam Smith both pictured in their later years on the outgoing £10 and £20.

The mock-up appears was modelled on Turner’s 1799 self-portrait, capturing his likeness aged 24.
Turner is looking weirdly attractive on the new £20 note
While painting a flattering self-portrait might be the 18th century equivalent of photoshopping a selfie, the internet was pretty taken aback by how good looking he is.

The note will be in circulation from 2020. Jane Austen will appear on the new £10.

A prominent LGBT figure was also considered for the £20 note, despite being pipped by Turner.

As the criteria call for an entrant from the world of art or fashion, legendary designer Alexander McQueen – who founded his eponymous fashion brand – was nominated, and made it onto the shortlist.

Mr McQueen, who was openly gay, was one of the biggest names in fashion before he killed himself in 2010.