Graham Norton receives backlash for pressuring Cara Delevingne into talking about her sex life on live TV

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Red Nose Day got uncomfortable this year, as host Graham Norton repeatedly pressured Cara Delevingne into talking about her sex life.

The actress, one of PinkNews’ 24 wonderful LGBT women and allies, has opened up about her sexuality, depression and self-hatred over the past year.

This characterises her as an open, honest celebrity trying to raise awareness for different minorities and speak out about her choices – including her sexual decisions.

But on Friday, during an evening of comedy, silliness and raising money for all the important charitable projects Comic Relief funds, Norton blindsided Delevingne.

Live on BBC One, he thrust out the phrase at her: “I think your embarrassment threshold’s quite high.”

The Paper Towns actress responded, clearly bracing herself: “Why? I’m embarrassed right now.”

Norton clarified: “We’re talking about having sex on a plane.”

Delevingne was able to keep her cool but struggled to deflect the chat show host’s incessant questions, even with help from fellow guests including Jonathan Ross and Matt Lucas.

Norton turned to the rest of the 10 guests on the sofa and asked them whether they had had sex on a plane, prompting an awkward silence.

The interrogation appeared to be over, but no such luck. Norton turned back to Delevingne and asked her about a man watching her during the sexual encounter.

Graham Norton receives backlash for pressuring Cara Delevingne into talking about her sex life on live TV

“My father is here, by the way,” she said, scrunching up her face and adding: “Sorry, dad.”

Norton again appeared to relent, saying: “Oh right, I see what you mean,” before once again getting back to the topic.

Delevingne, clearly extremely uncomfortable at this point, eventually said: “I don’t even know how to start this story.”

Despite the shock and constant probing, she did manage to stand up to Norton.

The host said to Delevingne in a surprised tone that “rather than being embarrassed, you complained that someone was watching you!”

She held her ground, replying: “Yes! Of course! It was disgusting. I mean, what are you doing? Pervert. Run away.”

Red Nose Day has raised more than £73 million so far, but that didn’t stop fans from getting angry at Norton for pressuring Delevingne to talk about her sex life on live TV.

Watch the full clip below: