Come look at the glorious celebrations of life that are #BiTwitter and #PanTwitter

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Twitter has seen an outpouring of joy, love and hilarious reminders that pansexual doesn’t mean an attraction to kitchenware – and we are so here for all of it.

Using #BiTwitter and #PanTwitter, LGBT people flooded the site with images of themselves standing up for their sexuality, their look and their community.

In the past two days, LGBT people were “erased” from official US records, were told discrimination against them will be legal in North Carolina until at least 2020, and saw part of their national discrimination protections revoked by Trump.

So the timing for this phenomenon was perfect.

Firstly, people just loved that the hashtags exist.

They were all the way on board.

Some spoke emotionally about being bi or pan.

Some were already long out of the closet…

…while others were coming out to their followers for the first time.

Some wanted to clear up a common misconception.

And others – understandably – just wanted to show off their looks.

href=””>— Mia (@Ubiqvity) March 30, 2017

Either way, pride levels were high AF. ?

Stay awesome, y’all.