Radio station got majorly trolled during interview about anti-trans ‘Free Speech Bus’

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A radio station tried to interview the anti-LGBT hate groups behind their now-famous transphobic bus… but got trolled by an LGBT activist instead.

Extreme anti-LGBT groups including the International Organization for the Family, National Organisation for Marriage and CitizenGO are behind the so-called ‘Free Speech Bus’ which has bee driving around America preaching an anti-transgender message.

The bus bears the message: “It’s Biology: Boys are boys…and always will be. Girls are girls…and always will be. You can’t change sex.”

Ahead of the bus’s appearance in Boston this week, WBZ Boston radio show NightSide had sought to interview a representative of the groups, giving them a platform to continue espousing anti-trans views.

However, they didn’t exactly get what they were looking for when producers mistakenly contacted the owners of Twitter account @FreeSpeechBus – which is actually parody run by an LGBT activist.
Radio station got majorly trolled during interview about anti-trans ‘Free Speech Bus’
The activist decided to play along with the interview request – actually making it on air under the name of ‘Lucy Diavolo’ as a supposed representative of the bus.

She kept entirely in-character during the interview, explaining: “I think, if you look at the history of it, transgender people have been around for thousands of years in cultures around the world.

“You’ve got two-spirit people in Native American cultures, the Hjiras, transgender people in India, there was even a Roman Emperor that offered half of the empire if anyone could turn him into a woman.

“But, you know, we don’t really know about any of that stuff because it’s been intentionally or unintentionally erased.”

Asked about the bus’s objectives she volunteered: “I think we just want to get back to where it’s not a part of the conversation because it’s the easiest way to disenfranchise this very vulnerable and marginalised community.

“Now that things like bathrooms are becoming a states’ rights issue thanks to the current administration, we think there’s a real opportunity to influence state legislatures to adopt the policies that are going to help keep transgender people out of our society… I think it’s pretty clear that we want to try and erase trans people as best we can from our culture.”

The baffled radio host, Dan Rea, attempted to question Ms Diavolo, saying: “I thought… the bus is a Free Speech Bus, I’m just having a little difficulty reconciling… you’re trying to marginalise them and get them out of the conversation. That doesn’t seem consistent with free speech. What am I missing?”

But keeping up her guise, the trans activist said: “Well, the free speech notion is really just an attempt by us to provide a groundwork for lawmakers to see a larger First Amendment grounds for denying rights to this community is possible.

“The religious freedom defence is being invoked a lot right now, and I think we can extend that to regular people.”

Mr Rea is clearly rattled by the replies, asking how the group could possibly justify its actions as free speech.

But Lucy continues: “There’s more than just that to our purpose… really what we’re trying to do now too is just raise money for our organization.”

The interview goes on for a full seven minutes before Mr Rea cuts off the call, taking exception to Lucy’s apparent frankness.

He said: “I gave that spokeswoman, whoever the hell they are, every opportunity… it was pretty clear to me where she was looking to go.”

NOM confirmed on Twitter: “This was a trans activist misrepresenting us.”

We would humbly suggest she represented their agenda more clearly they ever do.