Men who attacked gay couple in the Netherlands released from custody

Five men arrested in connection with attacking a gay couple in the Netherlands have been released from custody.

Jasper Vernes-Sewratan and Ronnie Sewratan-Vernes were attacked by a group of men in Arnhem when the group saw them holding hands.

Homophobic abuse was thrown at the two while they were beaten with a pair of bolt cutters.

The attack hospitalised the teenage couple who lost teeth and suffered bruises and injuries on their chest, backs and legs.

While the group of men, which included a 14-year-old boy, have been released they are still being considered suspects in the attack.

The magistrates court ruled that they believe there is no risk of recurrence.

The attack sparked a wave of demonstrations across The Netherlands.

Straight male politicians took to the streets holding hands in a stance against the attack.

Leading politicians including the Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Labor Party took part in the campaign.

Hundreds of people took place in the “Hand in Hand for Diversity” demonstration this week too.

One of the attendees, Sjag Kozak, told Euronews that he had lived in Amsterdam with his husband for 21 years.
He said: “I find it really absurd, unbelievable and this is feeling like we are going backwards, so that’s why we’re here: To make a statement to let people know that we are moving forward and not going backwards.”

On social media people shared images of themselves holding hands with someone of the same gender.

The Netherlands became the first country to legalise equal marriage in 2001 and both politicians and the royal family in the country are paving the way for LGBT equality.

King Willem-Alexander has previously met with LGBT dutch activists from the Dutch advocacy group COC Netherlands.

His wife, Queen Maxima, has also been known to attend LGBT conferences.