Lesbian autistic teenager felt ‘sick, disgusted and sad’ after alleged sexual assault

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A rugby player charged with sexually assaulting an autistic lesbian teenager has admitted introducing his alleged victim by saying: “I’m the only one who could turn her straight.”

Innes Frazer, 30, also told Kilmarnock Sheriff Court in Scotland that he had introduced his alleged victim to other people as “my favourite lesbian” and by saying: “This is the autistic lesbian.”

The prosecution has said Frazer kissed the 18-year-old repeatedly, put his hands under her clothes and touched her breasts before he took off his trousers and forced her to touch his genitals, according to The Sun.

The alleged attack is said to have happened after a Christmas party, in a shipping container known as the “tin bin” outside the Ardrossan Academicals Rugby Football Club clubhouse in Ayrshire.

Frazer, who is engaged to be married, denies sexually assaulting the teenager and has entered a special defence of consent.

Lesbian autistic teenager felt ‘sick, disgusted and sad’ after alleged sexual assault

The lesbian teenager, who is dyslexic as well as autistic, has previously told the court that she ran to the toilet and vomited after the alleged assault.

She said she felt “sick, disgusted and sad” after Frazer, of Ardrossan in Ayrshire, coaxed her into the container and assaulted her – before telling her to lie to her friends and family about the incident.

The teenager added that she had “blacked out what happened that night because it was so horrible.”

Her mother, who can’t be named for legal reasons, told the court in Kilmarnock that her daughter told her about the incident as soon she arrived home that night.

The 42-year-old mother said: “She came straight upstairs and straight into the room, and threw herself on to the bed. She slammed the bedroom door first.

“She said: ‘I’ve got something I need to tell you; I feel something bad’s happened.

“‘I don’t want to tell you, but I know that I need to.’”

Giving evidence this week, Frazer said he had received an irate message from the alleged victim’s father in the early hours after the Christmas party.

Frazer said the father had already told his wife he was “going to kill” Frazer, adding: “That’s not supposed to happen.”

Lesbian autistic teenager felt ‘sick, disgusted and sad’ after alleged sexual assault

Frazer insisted the incident was consensual, then told the court: “He said I’d sexually assaulted his daughter and they were going to the police.”

He cried as he described waking up his fiancée to “tell her the truth about everything that happened that night”.

Frazer added: “I’m very lucky because she’s supported me through it and we discussed our plan.”