Survivor of Texas shooting sues attacker for $500 million

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A woman who survived a shooting that killed her girlfriend is suing the man convicted for the attack for $500 million (£399 million).

Mary Christine Chapa, 22, filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against David Malcom Strickland, 29, as well as his father Larry Joe, and Taft Pharmacy, Larry Joe’s company.

The suit seeks damages for medical costs, physical pain and suffering, mental anguish and future medical costs.

Strickland was found guilty of murder, aggravated assault and aggravated sexual assault in September of last year.

He was given an automatic life sentence as the prosecutors did not seek the death penalty.

In June 2012 Chapa, then 18, and her girlfriend Mollie Olgin, 19, had been dating for 5 months when they were restrained, sexually assaulted, shot in the head and left to die in a park in Portland, Texas.

Olgin was killed outright, and Chapa was released from hospital three weeks later.

Police did not consider the attack to be a hate crime.

The lawsuit includes details about Chapa’s lifelong injuries.

“She has tunnel vision; she walks with a limp; and she has undergone extensive physical rehabilitation and medical treatment. She will need treatment and substantial assistance with daily tasks for the balance of her life.”

Survivor of Texas shooting sues attacker for $500 million

The suit holds Larry Joe Strickland partially responsible because it claims the .45 caliber pistol used in the shooting was obtained ‘due to his efforts.’