A queer chef just totally shut down Ivanka Trump

A queer chef has shut down Ivanka Trump and it is goals.

A writer for Ivanka Trump’s website reached out for an interview to Angela Dimayuga, who is a top chef in New York and identifies as a proud “queer person of colour”.

Dimayugu was understandably reluctant to be a voice for the President’s daughter, but she had a very classy but brilliant shut down.

The chef started the response thanking the writer for reaching out and wanting to provide her with more visibility, but she stressed that Trump’s platform wasn’t the one for her.

“I’m for women who actually empower other women,” she said. “I don’t believe that IvankaTrump.com is truly ‘a non-political platform of empowerment for [women]’.”

“So long as the name Trump is involved, it is political and frankly, an option for the IvankaTrump.com business to make a profit,” she added.

Dimayugu went on to explain that she believed Ivanka Trump and the Trump administration were the opposite of empowerment.

“I don’t see anything empowering about defunding Planned Parenthood, barring asylum from women refugees, rolling back safeguards for equal pay, and treating POC/LGBT and the communities that support these groups like second class citizens.

“As a queer person of colour and daughter of immigrant parents I am not interested in being profiled as an aspirational figure for those that support a brand and a President that slyly disparages female empowerment.

“Sharing my story with a brand and family that silences our same voices is futile,” she finished. “Thank you for the consideration.”

The reply was sent as an email to the writer, but Dimayugu decided to share it with her followers on Instagram.

She told the Huffington Post that she made the response public to stand in “solidarity” with other women who were being victimised by the Trump administration.

She said: “It’s important for me to acknowledge the intersectional community in which I’ve been able to creatively thrive in. I learned that only 6% of executive positions in kitchens are held by women. I am also queer, and have immigrant parents.”