Aubrey O’Day, Trump Jr’s alleged mistress, ‘has the receipts’ on the family’s secrets – and claims Ivanka ‘is a lesbian on the low’

Aubrey O'Day (L) has claimed that Ivanka Trump is a 'lesbian on the low'. (Getty)

Aubrey O’Day, the alleged mistress of Donald Trump Jr, has claimed she “has the receipts” on the Trump family – including that Ivanka Trump “is a lesbian on the low”.

The former Celebrity Apprentice contestant made the claim, as well as several others, in a series of since-deleted tweets just after last Thursday’s (22 October) presidential debate.

O’Day accused Donald Trump of hypocrisy for targeting rival Joe Biden’s family during the debate which, while certainly calmer than the pair’s first sparring match, still saw Donald laser-in on Biden’s son, Hunter.

Aubrey O’Day: ‘Ivanka Trump is a lesbian on the low.’

“Since Trump has now lowered this debate to trashing family,” Aubrey O’Day said in the tweets, according to screenshots, “Don Jr HATES his father.

“Ivanka is a lesbian on the low. Eric f****d Miss Universe on The Apprentice board room table while with his now-wife,” the Danity Kane member said, adding in a GIF that she has “the receipts” on these claims.

O’Day also launched an attack against Trump Jr’s apparent hatred for Barron, Trump’s youngest child with first lady Melania Trump, his third wife.

She added: “We need to stop discussing kids… because Ivanka is a lesbian, yet doesn’t support women’s rights in this administration that she RUNS on the low.

“And while we’re at it… I have texts of Don Jr telling me what a little s**t a**hole Barron is. That they were on the private jet and Barron didn’t like his food, so he threw the plate across the plane at the attendant.

“NONE of these people are INNOCENT of being a**holes and liars!”

The tweets that Aubrey O’Day did not delete remain just as explosive. In one, she reacted to the president’s claim that he’s not “racist” and that his administration has done more for Black Americans than any other leader, “other than Abraham Lincoln”.

“On Apprentice, Trump used to say DAILY ‘they think I don’t like Black people.. Arsenio tell them, you are one of my Blacks’,” she alleged. “HE IS A RACIST. PERIOD.”