Christian Siriano explained why he won’t dress Melania Trump

Fashion designer Christian Siriano has explained why he won’t dress Melania Trump and why there is a need to convey a message of acceptance in fashion.

The fashion designer made a bold statement on the New York Fashion Week runway with his “people are people” shirt, and has since explained why he thinks there is a need to make a stand through fashion, without making it political.

“I think what’s happening in our world, and everything out there, there is so much hate,” Siriano said to Mic.

“My point wasn’t political, but just that we all need to take a step back and understand that people are people and we need to support one another.”

The designer explained that his designs were a platform for his voice.

He said: “I think for fashion designers, our only chance to get things out there is what we present on a runway or in our campaigns.”

Siriano added that he “relied on immigrants and women and people of different cultures” so businesses should be celebrating them.

“Our entire business is filled with all those things and those people,” he explained. “We sell at retailers around the world. Designers have a big voice now. The consumer is very different now.”

The designer went on to talk about why he wouldn’t dress Melania, and they difference between her and the former first lady Michelle Obama.

“I want to say it doesn’t really have much to do with [Melania], but sadly it kind of does because she has a voice,” Siriano said.

“Michelle Obama was one of the most outspoken first ladies we’ve ever had. And Melania, well, doesn’t speak. That’s just a problem.

“Since she agrees with the political climate, then it wouldn’t make any sense for any designer to support her, whether they’re gay or a woman.

“Someone who has immigrants in their office, it just wouldn’t make sense. That’s just unfortunately how it is,” he added.

Siriano isn’t the only fashion designer who has refused to dress the Trump’s. Tom Ford, Mark Jacobs and Humberto Leon all fall in line with the designer.

However, some top names have gone against the trend. Stefano Gabanna from the famed designers Dolce and Gabanna was criticised recently after he hailed Melania as the DG Woman.

Calvin Klein also offered to dress Melania for the inauguration ball.