Prince died a year ago today, as official documents reveal his final days

Newly unsealed documents have revealed more about the days before Prince’s death, including his struggle with opioid addiction.

The iconic musician was found dead a year ago today in an elevator at his private estate, Paisley Park.

Last June medical examiners confirmed that the artist died from an accidental overdose of the painkiller Fentanyl.

State and federal authorities spent the last year searching for answers about his overdose-provoked death.

The Carver County authorities unsealed documents on Monday that shed light on the circumstances leading to the musician’s death.

The search warrants show that they searched Paisley Park within hours of Prince’s death and found dozens of prescription medications stored in various containers other than standard prescription bottles.

The only pharmaceutical bottles they found were labeled in the name of Prince’s drummer, longtime friend and business associate, Kirk Johnson.

Witnesses at the death scene told investigators that Prince struggled with opioid abuse and withdraw.

The six people at the death scene included Andrew Kornfeld, who arrived in Minneapolis that day to assess Prince for a drug dependency programme at the outpatient clinic, Recovery Without Walls, run by his father Dr. Howard Kornfeld.

Prince died a year ago today, as official documents reveal his final days

Monday’s documents also revealed that the highly private musician traveled under the name Peter Bravestrong to conceal his identity.

In the week before his death, Prince’s private plane made an emergency stop in Illinois after he fell ill and passed out.

The musician was revived on the tarmac by two shots of the overdose antidote naloxone (Narcan).

There were reports the artist may have taken Percocet.

He refused further medical attention.

However, the exact details of the sad circumstances leading to Prince’s death a year ago are still unclear.

This weekend thousands of fans descended on Paisley Park for a four-day celebration of Prince’s life and music.

The festivities were launched by George Clinton and his legendary P-Funk crew at Prince’s studio-turned Museum in Chanhassen on Thursday.

The artist’s family continue to battle in the courts over his massive estate, estimated to be worth $100 to $300 million before taxes.