Prince’s cause of death revealed

Medical examiners have confirmed that Prince died from an accidental overdose.

Tests of the star’s body showed he had taken the pain killer, Fentanyl, which is 40 to 50 times as strong as heroin and up to 100 times as strong as morphine.


He was prescribed the pain relief following a surgery on his hip.

The 57-year-old was found dead at his Paisley Park in Minnesota in April. He weighed just 112 pounds.

An autopsy was performed the day following his death but reports were inconclusive and further toxicology tests had to be carried out to determine the cause of death.

The ‘Purple Rain’ singer died unexpectedly and left no official will for his £171 million fortune. The singer had no children and neither of his parents are alive. The only living full relative is his younger sister, Tyka Nelson. He also has 5 half siblings.

Currently Prince’s bank are controlling his personal and financial estate. The Bremer Trust has been tasked to “preserve the estate and to secure its proper administration until a general Personal Representative is appointed by the Registrar or by the Court.”

TMZ reported that the singer was being treated for an overdose of a different pain killer, Percocet, the week before his death in Illinois. This followed an emergency plane landing in Atlanta when he was on his way to perform at a concert.

The international star performed at the 2007 Super Bowl, and won seven Grammys, selling more than 100 million records.

Prince’s score for Purple Rain in 1985 won an Oscar for Best Original Score.