Gay journalist Owen Jones demolishes ex-Tory politician who wants to scrap equal marriage

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Owen Jones demolished the leader of a fringe political party that wants to axe same-sex marriage and civil partnerships during a debate on the BBC’s Daily Politics.

Sidney Cordle, a former Tory councillor who was awarded an MBE for political service, is currently the leader of the anti-LGBT Christian Peoples Alliance, a fringe right-wing party which wants to roll back rights for gay people.

The party’s manifesto pledges to “repeal all laws which have already attempted to redefine the meaning of marriage”, claiming that gay couples should simply be treated as “next of kin” like unmarried siblings.

The CPA also has a policy of paying people £10,000 if they enter a marriage with someone of the opposite sex, which would cost at least £2.5 billion annually.

Appearing on the Daily Politics ahead of the General Election, Cordle denied being homophobic.

He said: “We’re not against the people, we stand for the principles. As far as homosexuality is concerned, we believe we should protect marriage as between a man and a woman, because it’s there for children.

“As far as we’re concerned it’s about protecting children. That’s our priority.”

After he outlined his policy agenda, Guardian columnist Owen Jones issued a perfect response.

He said: “One of the many things that makes me proud to be British is that LGBT people who have fought against oppression and persecution for many years, who were persecuted because of people like yourself, have driven your bigotry back.

“You hate us for the rights that we have, rights which as British citizens other people take for granted.

“We love people, just as straight people do. We want the same rights. We’re not asking for special treatment.”

Rebutting the suggestion that marriage is just about children, Mr Jones continued: “Your bizarre assertion about marriage when many heterosexual couples don’t have kids, many people aren’t even capable if they’re infertile for example, that somehow it’s all about children is as disturbing as it is inaccurate.”

Cordle attempted to intervene, accusing Mr Jones of being “deliberately insulting” by standing up for LGBT people.

Rebutting anti-Muslim comments made by Cordle, Mr Jones continued: “There are millions of Muslims like the Mayor of London [Sadiq Khan] who have fought for the rights of LGBT people against the bigotry you represent, who believe in a secular democracy with equal rights for all.

“You are a threat to this great democracy.”

Cordle was reduced to shouting over presenter Jo Coburn who had been attempting to draw the segment to a close.

He claimed that the interview  was “typical of the fake news from the BBC” and that “it’s a matter of homosexuals respecting Christians”.

The self-appointed spokesperson for Christians is frequently given platforms to embarrass himself by the BBC.

In a previous interview he claimed that gay couples shouldn’t be allowed to get married because they are incapable of being faithful.

Owen Jones

He claimed: “Research has shown overwhelmingly children benefit if they are brought up by their natural parents, and homosexuals cannot bring children into the world. The need for homosexuals to be faithful to each other is simply non-existent.

““Research has shown homosexuals are not faithful to each other. I’ve seen research that has shown that of homosexuals who have been in relationships for 20 years or more, only three percent are faithful.

“Homosexuals as a group are not living in faithful relationships.”

Cordle replaced alleged ‘gay cure’ supporter Alan Craig as leader of the party, after Mr Craig joined the UK Independence Party.