Transgender star Caitlyn Jenner says Bruce Jenner ‘still lives inside’

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Caitlyn Jenner has opened up about transitioning from her former life as Bruce Jenner.

The ex-Olympian says it was “hard” to give up on life as Bruce, married to Kris Jenner, as Bruce “still lives inside”.

She said: “It was hard giving old Bruce up, in a lot of ways. He still lives inside me.

Transgender star Caitlyn Jenner says Bruce Jenner ‘still lives inside’

“I still do a lot of the things old Bruce used to do.

“I still fly aeroplanes and go race cars once in a while. I can have the best of both worlds.

“I can live my life authentically, and still do all the fun stuff!”

She told The Guardian newspaper: “I had a life for 65 years. OK?

“I liked Bruce. He was a good person. He did a lot in his life. Oh, ‘he didn’t even exist’.

“Yes he did exist! He worked his butt off. He won the [Olympic] Games. He raised amazing kids.

“He did a lot of very, very good things and it’s not like I just want to throw that away.”

Jenner also responded to criticisms that she doesn’t reflect the experience of most trans people.

The reality TV star and trans activist has been promoting her new book, The Secrets of My Life.

Asked by the Guardian if she experiences male privilege, Jenner responded “Yeah! I would agree with that.”

The Trump backer continued: “I know the other side. I’ve been there all my life.

“But I want to use that to my advantage.”

“Some of the criticism that my community has had is that I’m white, I’ve got money, I’m privileged and all that kind of stuff.

“I get that. OK? Can’t do much about being white. Kind of born that way.

“Privileged? Yeah. I’ve worked hard all my life.

“I’ve tried to be as smart as I can and yeah, I’ve been successful from that standpoint.

“And I’m not going to apologise for that.”

“Not even close”, the Guardian reports, saying that she “chuckles”.

Jenner transitioned two years ago, revealing her new look on the cover of Vanity Fair.

She became a huge hit and was celebrated for the bravery of going through the experience so publicly.

Transgender star Caitlyn Jenner says Bruce Jenner ‘still lives inside’

However her TV series, I Am Cait, flopped in its second season, following a string of positive comments about the Republicans and Donald Trump, that alienated some of her core fans.

Following the decision to officially reverse Obama’s protections, however, she appeared to go off the maverick Republican.

She had originally offered herself as a trans ambassador for the Trump administration.