That Target boycott was a front for hate group that claims chain is ‘normalising homosexuality’

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

A Target boycott signed by more than a million people was a front led by a group that is now attacking the same chain for “normalising homosexuality.”

Last year more than a million people pledged to ‘boycott’ Target over its trans-inclusive bathroom policy.

The petition was pushed by activists who claimed to be concerned for women’s safety because “the retail giant said it would allow men to use the women’s restrooms and dressing rooms in their stores”.

However, it turns out the activists behind the petition aren’t just concerned with turning back the tide on trans rights – as they’ve now turned their guns on the store’s gay-inclusive policies.

The group behind the petition, the American Family Association, put out a message to all signatories this week, turning its guns on Target’s LGBT-friendly Pride merchandise, which was reintroduced this week.

The AFA lashed out at the store, claiming: “Target appears content with its sprint into self-destruction”.

“Target [has an] all out love affair with the LGBTQ. For the past two years, Target stores have entire sections dedicated to products normalizing homosexuality.

“In many instances, profits from the sale of the products are donated to gay advocacy groups for the promotion of the lifestyle to children in public schools.”

The group added: “While AFA’s boycott [has] focused on Target’s bizarre and dangerous dressing room and bathroom policy, the company has a history of distaste for traditional family values.”

“Pray that Target‘s leadership will realize it gravely misjudged the 1.5 million families who have signed a pledge to boycott its stores.”

The AFA has also weaponised the Target mailing list to repeatedly try and fundraise for its anti-LGBT lobbying.

Another group that was key in supporting the boycott, the Family Research Council, also demonstrated its homophobic and transphobic animus.

The FRC said: “If the Target corporation is imploding, then it’s going down in a rainbow blaze of glory. Despite taking a year-long beating on Wall Street, the stubborn LGBT ally is clinging to the radical agenda that earned it the scorn of almost 1.5 million consumers.

“After refusing to change its bathroom and changing room policy (despite a growing number of predators in stores across America), executives are getting even more aggressive with their extremism.

“Down more than 30 percent on the stock market, Target executives are turning to #TakePride merchandise to save them. From rainbow bags, cell phone cases, and t-shirts, stores are literally selling out half the country with its brazen line.

“Of course, this is nothing new for the retail giant, who, long before the Supreme Court redefined marriage, annoyed shoppers with its ‘love is love’ merchandise.”

Basically, if you signed the petition because you were genuinely concerned for women’s safety, you got duped by a bunch of homophobic hate mongers.

In recent years the so-called ‘transgender bathroom debate’ has been increasingly used as a wedge issue by enemies of equality, to help undermine broader LGBT rights protections.

One of the most notable instances was in the city of Houston, where in 2015 voters were hoodwinked into voting to repeal an LGBT anti-discrimination ordinance after a disgusting smear campaign featured faked footage of a little girl getting raped.

After the success in Houston, the exact same ad was mysteriously re-deployed by Republican operatives in North Carolina last year to build support for the state’s anti-LGBT law.

Of course, the repulsive assertion that LGBT rights laws enable sexual assault is demonstrably false.

There are zero recorded instances, anywhere in the world, of transgender criminals  taking advantage of inclusive bathroom policies to commit sexual assaults.

However, there are many recorded instances of anti-LGBT zealots committing homophobic and transphobic attacks in bathrooms.