John Barrowman to return in season five of Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood

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John Barrowman is set to return in a brand new series of Torchwood.

The Doctor Who spin-off show last hit screens six years ago with Torchwood: Mircale Day.

It’s now set to return to the airwaves with season five, named Torchwood: Aliens Among Us.

Barrowman is expected to return as omnisexual Captain Jack Harkness in the new series.

Producers are even teasing the return of the gay romance between omnisexual Captain Jack and his office boy Ianto Jones, who died at the end of season three.

“This is an ambitious series for Big Finish – an entire season of Torchwood! There are some great scripts by some new writers,” James Goss, who will be producing this series, said.

“But there are also some familiar old faces – of course Rhys and Andy are in it, but there’ll be a few other surprises, including an appearance by someone who just has to be, has to be dead…”

Unlike previous series of the show, the fifth season will be in audio rather than on screens.

The series is being overseen by the creator of the original series, Russel T. Davies, and will once again be set in Cardiff, Wales.

The main show recently got its first out gay character, with Bill Potts, the new Dr’s companion, being a lesbian.

The Torchwood star recently marked his 50th birthday, revealing a striking new look.

Posting to Facebook, he wrote: “On March 11th it’s my Big Birthday!

“I wanted to see what I look like with my natural hair colour.

“I shaved all the color off on Thursday. What do ya think? JB”

The long dark locks have gone, and a very striking short, white haired look has replaced it.

Barrowman says it’s his natural hair, without all the dye.

John Barrowman to return in season five of Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood

The Torchwood star showed off rather more of his husband than he intended to during a live-stream with fans last year.

Barrowman was live-streaming a chat with fans from a Palm Springs hot tub when his husband Scott Gill happened to get in too… completely naked.