Non-binary couple face vile Facebook abuse ahead of Good Morning Britain appearance

A non-binary couple has faced vile abuse on Facebook ahead of an appearance on Good Morning Britain tomorrow.

The couple, Fox and Owl, will appear on the British morning programme on Wednesday.

GMB posted a photo of the couple on Tuesday evening.

Screenshot of the Good Morning Britain Facebook photo of Fox and Owl

The caption read: “Fox and Owl are a trans couple who are non-binary, meaning they don’t identify as male or female. They’ll be on Good Morning Britain in the morning to talk to Piers and Susanna and are willing to answer any questions you might have. Leave your question below or email them to us at [email protected].”

But despite some positive supportive messages, many took to Facebook to accuse the couple of seeking attention.

One user wrote: “Piers is going to pop a blood vessel… Really people ..we have a gender ..I woman u man!! For goodness sake the world has gone mad!”

Another wrote: “Give it a break now it’s getting stupid!! Your either born a male or born a female!

“I worry about my 4 children growing up in a society that’s so messed up!!”

A third wrote: “Non binary? They choose not to identify as a man or a woman. That is a bit like someone deciding that they no longer identify with the right and left hand side of their bodies and that the opposite is the case. Then get “offended” when someone states the reality! It’s their choice, but don’t impose it upon the rest of us. Still, their attention seeking worked, it’s got them on the tv!”

And among hundreds of other comments, one user said: ” The world crazy they are either male or female like it or not its how everyone is born transgender people take on a sexuality too…mixed up…why complicate a simple thing male or’s been since the world was created..why do we have to accept nongender nonsense”.

There was also this: “I take it these people have sex, and as a result one could give birth, what would the child be then, Super Man or Bionic Woman. Sorry as I remember Adam was a man and Eve a woman, I rest my case!!”

Despite the abuse, some did take to Facebook to defend the couple.

One wrote: “Wow – such hostility! I’m an oldie but post on an asexual website; there are trans and agender folk there. My understanding is agender folk don’t think in terms of male/female with regard to themselves. It isn’t a choice (nor is gender) but something that is – like having blue or brown eyes; it’s just part of what makes them ‘them’.”

Another added: “Are they nice people? That’s all I’m bothered about. Be who you want to be. Don’t like it? Scroll on. The only people thrusting it in your face is good morning Britain so that Piers Morgan can boost his ego. Good luck tomorrow Fox and Owl. You are probably much better people than the intolerant bunch that have commented on this thread.

“So my question to them would be “are you decent people?” Because if they are then anything else is nobody else’s business.”

Amid the abuse, one user wrote defending Piers Morgan, GMB host, who has repeatedly spoken out against gender as a spectrum.

They wrote: “Poor Piers – and I know I will agree with everything he says. When you are born, you are either Male or Female – fullstop. The world’s gone mad even entertaining the option such as this.”

Piers Morgan today exploded over the idea of people expressing their gender identity.

Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid at the National Television Awards

The Good Morning Britain host has had a bee in his bonnet about gender-neutral issues ever since Emma Watson received the first gender-neutral MTV Movie and TV Award earlier this month.

And this morning, he reacted to news that north London’s Highgate School will introduce a ‘gender-neutral’ uniform policy with a whole different brand of petulance.