This man was medicated and forced into gay cure therapy, now he’s told his story

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A man has told the story of how he was medicated and forced into experimental gay cure therapy as a young man.

Peter Gajdics, who grew up in British Columbia, Canada, was subjected to psychological experiment by a rogue therapist.

He has now told the shocking story in full for the first time, penning a memoir of the abuse, The Inheritance of Shame.


The author was taken to Canada as a boy, when his troubled parents emigrated in search of a new life.

Gajdics was raised by a mother who survived a communist concentration camp and a father who was orphaned as a child in war-torn Hungary.

His parents had already been committed Catholics, but become devout after the nation move and went on to reject their son’s homosexuality.

The rejection left him struggling and in search of a new life.

Gajdics, then in his early 20s, went to seek help from a psychiatrist.

Instead of finding solace, however, he found himself in a cult-like atmosphere, medicated, and undergoing an experimental form of gay cure therapy.

The psychologist sought to regress him emotionally into a childlike state – aiming to “re-parent” him in a supposedly healthy way.

This, his doctor informed him, would “cure” him of homosexuality.

He has now written a memoir, which has been called “unforgettable”, telling the full story of his experiences.

The Inheritance of Shame

Therapy to change a person’s sexual orientation has been denounced by almost every major medical associations, including the American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association, and the American Psychological Association.

British medical bodies will strike off anyone who practices ‘gay cure’ therapy, though it isn’t illegal.

The man who coined gay cure therapy died this year.

Dr. Joseph Nicolosi was co-founder of the National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH).

He became a prominent proponent of the therapy, which has been widely debunked by experts, and a major figure in the ‘ex-gay’ movement.

The clinic announced the news on Facebook, writing: “We are deeply saddened and shocked to announce the death of Dr. Joseph Nicolosi yesterday in California from complications from the flu.”