Lesbian couple welcomes ‘miracle’ IVF triplets

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A same-sex couple who were told they could never have children have celebrated the arrival of ‘miracle’ triplets.

Megan Taylor, 28 and Joy Stevenson, 48 always dreamt about the possibility of becoming mother.

The couple first started trying for a baby in 2012.

Lesbian couple welcomes ‘miracle’ IVF triplets

However, Taylor was told her fallopian tubes were closed and she had to lose weight to classify for NHS-funded IVF.

After she lost six stones, the first attempt at IVF resulted in a miscarriage.

But the couple did not give up and last October Taylor found out she was pregnant.

“We just couldn’t believe it. It’s a miracle.

“For years and years I’d see people passing me in the street with bumps and think ‘I wish that’s me’. It’s been hard,” Taylor told The Nottingham Post.

Finding out it was not just one baby but three was overwhelming news for the couple.

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“It still doesn’t feel real. When they said to us ‘there’s three heartbeats’ at the first scan I nearly fainted,” Taylor said.

“I only wished to have one baby, but to have three, it’s just amazing. Both eggs stuck and one of them split – that’s the girls – and the other one is the boy.”

Photo: Nottingham Post

The two identical tween girls and the little boy were born with a C-section in April.

She was due to give birth in May at 35 weeks but her waters broke last Easter weekend.

Taylor referred to the early birth defining it “quite traumatic”.

Now that the babies have finally arrived they use just about 20 nappies a day.

“We’ve had sleepless nights, but it’s all worth it,” Taylor said.

Stevenson added: “It’s a dream come true. We’ve been waiting a long time for a family and to get three babies is amazing.”

Things have been defined “manic” at the house with three babies and two dogs to watch over.

“We just can’t believe it. We just stare at them… It’s manic but it’s all good.”

Last week however, gay dads have been ordered to five back their two-weeks old baby after a DNA test revealed that the biological father was the surrogate’s husband.