Tory MP David Burrowes who told lesbian teen to ‘get over’ equal marriage loses his seat

A Conservative politician who told a lesbian schoolgirl to “get over” same-sex marriage has been voted out of parliament.

David Burrowes had served as the Conservative Member of Parliament for Enfield Southgate since 2005.

Shock results in yesterday’s snap General Election saw Burrowes lose his seat to Labour’s Bambos Charalambous.

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Burrowes had been a prominent opponent of LGBT rights, consistently voting against equality proposals.

He voted against all laws around marriage equality and against the Equality Act.

He previously criticised a 17-year-old lesbian schoolgirl who had asked him to support same-sex marriage.

17-year-old A-level student Victoria Munro wrote to Burrowes questioning his assertion that he is not “anti-gay”.

The student asked how it is possible to be “pro-marriage”, while voting to prevent people from being able to marry.

Ms Munro questioned Mr Burrowes’ voting record on LGBT issues – which is overwhelmingly against.

In the response, Mr Burrowes plays on the famous Stonewall slogan “Some people are gay. Get over it!”, by saying: “I am a supporter of traditional marriage. Get over it!”.

Burrowes, on another occasion, accused the coalition government of creating an “adulterer’s charter” as part of its equal marriage reforms.

He claimed that the same-sex marriage bill does not state what constitutes infidelity.

He lost his seat after receiving 20,634 votes, while Labour received 24,989 votes.