Stephen Colbert has gone head to head with ‘a homophobic baker’

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Stephen Colbert has gone head to head with “a homophobic baker” on the late show, and it is hilarious.

In a segment talking about the Supreme Court and Neil Gorsuch, Colbert addressed the recent news that the court would hear the case of a Colorado baker who refused to bake a same-sex wedding cake.

"Sodomy is a sin" birthday cake on Colbert
“Sodomy is a sin” birthday cake on Colbert (Photo by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert/YouTube)

Earlier this year the highest court in the US put off taking up the case had held over the decision twelve previous times.

But despite speculation that the court would not take up the case, it has agreed to hear it next term.

The baker’s lawyers claimed that he was a very religious man who has also turned down cakes celebrating Halloween, or displaying racist or atheist cakes.

They also cited his “artistic freedom” for reason to not bake the same-sex wedding cake.

In true Colbert fashion, the host invited “a baker” who also “refused” to bake same-sex wedding cakes.

Daniel St John Daniels is a baker and “artist” who refuses to sell wedding cakes to same same-sex couples because he is an artist and “as an artist, I am very close minded about sexuality and trying new things,” the character quipped.

The character of the homophobic baker that Colbert has thought up is hilarious, and begins to explain that he faced a backlash in his job before starting his “own business” because he “refused to use the letters L, G, B, T or Q.”

“What kind of cakes will you make?” Colbert asks.

“Anything that doesn’t offend my artistic sensibility,” he explains.

Just that day he made a birthday cake featuring Pikachu for a five-year-old, with the catchphrase “sodomy is a sin”.

Colbert asks the baker if he’d be watching the case closely.

“Yes, me and my boyfriend Alan will be glued to the news,” the baker says, with a straight face.

“I keep telling him I don’t want to get married,” he says. “I mean where would we even find a cake?”

Colbert recently took aim at Russian President Vladimir Putin and President Donald Trump.

The host faced accusations of being homophobic after he said that the only thing “Donald Truro’s mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s cock holster”.

The Federal Communications Commission dropped an investigation into the joke after concluded that nothing Colbert said was “actionable under the FCC’s rules”.

Colbert earlier this year took aim at Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Kremlin leader was so annoyed with the concept that earlier this year, his government added an image of him in drag to the country’s registry of prohibited “extremist” content.

The much-distributed picture has circulated widely on the internet and at LGBT rights protests, seeking to resist the country’s ‘gay propaganda’ law by lampooning Putin’s macho image.