Man’s girlfriends find out he’s cheating – and start dating each other instead

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A woman’s story about how she teamed up with her boyfriend’s secret lover to take him down – and then started going out with her – has gone viral.

Angel Marie Blue, a student in New York, posted on Twitter near the end of June about how she had met her boyfriend’s other woman.

After months of him seeing both of them, according to Angel, the other woman had got in touch with her.

angel marie blue and girlfriend twitter

And instead of lashing out at each other, the two had a better idea.

Take some revenge.

Angel tweeted about the incident, saying: When you find out he’s cheating and link up wit his side bitch ‍♀️ aw yeah we f***ed up his car, his clothes & now we besties all 2017

The post was popular, receiving more than 34,000 retweets and likes.

She followed it up by explaining: “He cheated on me with her for 5 months and she came to me as a woman so we linked up destroyed his shit and now we friends & he don’t have”.

She got some hate, but told those with objections to “leave me alone – let me Beyoncé in peace.”

angel marie blue twitter

And the best was yet to come.

Two weeks later, Angel, a business management student at New York’s Berkeley College, had more to add to the story.

Quote-tweeting her last post on the subject, she surprised followers with a brilliant development: “UPDATE: We’re dating now.”

Man’s girlfriends find out he’s cheating – and start dating each other instead

The tweet garnered 332,000 retweets and likes, spreading through the internet like an infectious smile.

The clues were there on the day the women took their revenge, when Angel tweeted to defend the other woman’s appearance, saying “she’s fine af “.

She also said it was comeuppance for her ex-boyfriend, after his “sneaky s***. Now she’s my bitch ”

Angel has now removed the original viral tweets, explaining: “I had to delete that; my mentions were in shambles.

“But let me tell you guys this…never say that a female is overreacting when she does something out of passion when a man cheats.

“Why do y’all feel like grown-ass men can cheat with no consequences?”

But, she added, “I’m done discussing that though I’ve been moved on me and my girlfriend are happy.”

And yesterday, she confirmed that the two were still together.

angel marie blue together twitter