President Donald Trump’s UK state visit could be put off until 2019

President Trump

President Donald Trump may be no stranger to golf clubs in Scotland, but he might have to wait a bit longer for an official visit to the UK.

The American leader had hoped for all the pomp and fanfare of a state visit, after the Prime Minister Theresa May extended the offer earlier this year.

However, it now looks as if plans for a visit could be delayed until at least 2019.

It comes after almost two million people signed a petition for the invitation to be recalled in February, forcing the Government to defend their actions.

At the time, a spokesperson for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office said while it acknowledged the “strong views expressed by many,” they “looked forward to welcoming President Trump when dates are finalised.”

Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, also joined in condemning the President, saying he would not be welcome in the Houses of Parliament.

Similarly, sources close to Prince Harry also claimed he was “not a fan” of the Republican politician.

President Trump himself ruled out a trip in the near future, saying he did not want to visit the country if there were going to be large scale protests.

With the rest of 2017 effectively off the cards, it has now emerged that a state visit for a separate state dignitary is already planned for the UK in early 2018.

It is unlikely the former businessman would come in the latter half of 2018, as this would take place just weeks before key elections for Congress.

While sources say some 2018 dates are still being looked into, the Queen is only believed to be willing to give two state visits a year.

In effect, the US President will now have to wait until at least 2019.

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The American leader has repeatedly come under fire for not acknowledging LGBT people, recently ditching the eight-year long tradition of Pride Month in the US.

Speaking at Pride in London, Mayor Sadiq Khan slammed the President, saying he should visit the town to see how LGBT people improved the community.

He told PinkNews: “My message to Donald Trump and others around the world who don’t recognise the huge contribution the LGBT+ community can make is to come to London and see the contribution they do make.

“They help make London the greatest city in the world. Economically, culturally and socially I want London to be a beacon for the rest of the world in how we do it.”

Trump also failed to bring up LGBT rights during his Presidential trip to Saudi Arabia – despite repeatedly attacked Hilary Clinton for not doing so in the past.

He has also repeatedly failed to speak out about he persecution of gay men in Chechnya.