Exclusive: Nazis and racist right-wing trolls are trying to ruin the government’s LGBT survey

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Neo-nazi and ultra-right wing sites are full of users encouraging each other to troll the British government’s LGBT survey.

More than 60,000 people have responded to the study, which is an opportunity for LGBT+ people to inform government policies.

But dozens of people on the /pol/ section of 4chan, a notoriously toxic alt-right forum, are urging users to troll the extensive survey with racist or otherwise offensive responses.

4chan lgbt survey

One 4chan contributor wrote: “make sure to fill this in and f*** it up lads the “conservative” party wants to bring in more anti freedom pro degenerate policies again”.

Common requests include asking fellow trolls to blame anti-LGBT prejudice on Muslim people or enter nonsensical entries for their sexuality to discredit the study.

A government source has told PinkNews that the Equalities Office is aware of the fact that there are fake entries, and that its team is taking action to root out the imposters.

As well as 4chan users – most of whom are on the hate-filled /pol/ (Politically Incorrect) forum – at least one post about interfering with the government survey is visible on Nazi site Stormfront.

One 4chan user wrote: “What a lot of people did yesterday was identifying as a muslim transperson and pointing out anti LGBT behaviour in the muslim community.”

This strand of thought was also clear in another user’s post, which read: “Don’t make it outlandish. Create an authentic LGBT person and blame all oppression on muslims”.

And in a clear attempt to spread Islamophobia, yet another commenter wrote: “How about everyong [sic] started writing as if being a true LGBT and blaming all bad experiences on muslims?

government lgbt survey 4chan

“Like verbally and physically abuse by hands of muslims and immigrants? this would have to be used in the final assessment of the survey if enough wrote in.”

The other commonly suggested type of response on 4chan was a more standard version of trolling, in which users would write ridiculous entries to invalidate the survey.

Several people posted screenshots of their nonsensical, offensive responses.

4chan lgbt survey

One reported: “I identified as Jupitergender several times, I think if I keep my pace it will be added in the 2020 census”.

Another wrote: “Living as a pedosexual ferret is rough guys.”

“I am a level 28 gender fluid druid,” one user said, adding: “You will respect attack helicopters or I will curse you so badly your penis will turn into a snake.”

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Defining your sexuality or gender as ‘attack helicopter’ is a meme among hateful ultra-right-wing trolls who do not believe in multiple sexualities or genders.

Another charming user wrote: “I’m an attack helicopter who was attacked by furries and f***ing white males. I believe in helicopterism”.