Gianni Versace’s lover lashes out at Ricky Martin for portrayal of him in American Crime Story

Ricky Martin

Gianni Versace’s lover has criticised Latino pop star Ricky Martin for his American Crime Story acting.

Antonio D’Amico, who was in a relationship with Versace until his murder, says the portrayal is unrealistic.

Leaked on set photos have prompted the outrage from loved ones and fans alike.

The leaked image shows Martin desperately holding a murdered Versace.

Speaking to The Observer, D’Amico said: “The picture of Ricky Martin holding the body in his arms is ridiculous.”

He added: “Maybe it’s the director’s poetic licence, but that is not how I reacted.”

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D’Amico also revealed that he had not been consulted by the American Crime Story team.

He has, however, extended an offer to get involved in the making of the new show, so that the story can be told accurately.

“It’s getting to know the small things about a relationship,” he told the newspaper.

“For example, Gianni was so ordered and focused at work but in his private life everything was disorganised.

“He’d leave the bathroom in a mess. At a certain point I said ‘enough’! And when it came to cooking, he didn’t even know how to [boil] an egg.”

Martin recently opened up about his very first on-screen sex scenes from the show, which airs in 2018.

While he’s used to thrusting his stuff in pop videos, the singer said getting his kit off entirely was a very different experience.

“I thought I was going to be more uncomfortable,” he told Entertainment Weekly.

“The exhibitionism kicked in for a moment and all of a sudden I was naked in bed in front of 20 people from the crew and another actor I met that same day.

“I was not nervous at all. On the contrary, I was ready to do what needed to be done.”

The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story airs on FX in the US.