Lena Dunham calls out transphobic flight attendants on American Airlines

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Girls creator and actor Lena Dunham has called out transphobic American Airlines flight attendants.

Taking to Twitter, Dunham explained that while waiting for her delayed plane at JFK airport she overheard a conversation between two flight attendants.

The conversation between the American Airlines attendants was nothing but transphobic.

Dunham wrote that the flight attendants said that “trans kids are a trend” and that they would “never accept a trans kid”.

They also allegedly said that “transness is gross”.

In a message she sent to American Airlines, Dunham wrote “2 female attendants walking talking about how trans kids are a trend they’d never accept a trans child and transness is gross.

“I think it reflects badly on uniformed employees of your company to have that kind of dialogue going on.

“What if a trans teen was walking behind them?

“Awareness starts at home but jobs can set standards of practice. Thanks for your consideration!” she added.

American Airlines followed up Dunham’s message and promised that the incident would be reviewed.

Dunham, who made a documentary about the transgender community, added: “At this moment in history we should be teaching our employees about love and inclusivity @AmericanAir. That was worst part of this night.”

The actor has been celebrated for calling out the transphobia.

One person wrote: “Unbelievable how proud some are of their ignorance!! Transgender people deserve our respect and compassion!!”

“Acceptance of trans people is a “new trend”. And a long overdue one. Trans people have always existed. That’s not a trend,” another added.

Somebody else said: “Yasss! Speak out”.

Dunham was one of a whole score of celebrities who backed a new campaign to prevent the gay purge in Chechnya.

The MTV “#EyesOnChechnya” campaign is being backed by RuPaul, Rita Ora and Lena Dunham.