This beautiful out and proud LGBT hashtag has gone viral, and it will light up your day

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This may be one of the best trending hashtags of all time.

In 2017, we’ve already appreciated the delights of #BiTwitter and #PanTwitter, an outpouring of joy, love and hilarious reminders that pansexual doesn’t mean an attraction to kitchenware.

There was also #BlackGaySlay, the beautiful queer celebration of Black History Month.


And because we can’t just have nice things as a species, June brought us the horror of #HeterosexualPrideDay, a hashtag born from the misplaced idea that cisgender, straight (cishet) people are oppressed.

But blowing that hashtag completely out of the water was #LGBTbabes, which has been trending worldwide on Twitter since yesterday night.

The photos have flooded in from celebrities and fans alike, with LGBT youth climbing on board with all your favourite out famous people.

On board for this trip through an LGBT utopia were Brooklyn 99 actress Stephanie Beatriz and Shannon Purser – who played Barb on Stranger Things and came out earlier this year as bisexual.

Trans comic artist Julia Kaye, YouTuber Thomas Sanders – who has more than 2 million subscribers – actress Natasha Negovanlis‏ and BuzzFeed’s legal editor Chris Geidner also hopped on board.

And together with other users, they have created happiness in a hashtag.


And it wasn’t just celebrities.

And people were delighted.

It’s just – it’s all so beautiful.

Feel the love, people.

And this wasn’t the only LGBT viral Twitter sensation of the last few weeks.

First, a clip of Ariana Grande’s 2015 interview with Los Angeles radio station KPWR resurfaced and lit up the internet, as the pop star tore into interviewers for their homophobic questions.

Then a tweet about reacting to homophobic family members went viral, featuring a clip of YouTube star Tana Mongeau hilariously stalling.