Hollyoaks star Stephanie Davis thought she was going to die after ex ‘accused her of lesbian affair’

Hollyoaks star Stephanie Davis testified against her ex in court who she says attacked her after accusing her of having a lesbian affair.

The actor cried in court as she said she thought her ex Jeremy McConnell was going to kill her during the drug fuelled frenzy.

As well as accusing her of a lesbian affair, Davis said McConnell accused her of sleeping with a fireman from across the street.

While Davis testified at McConnell’s trial for assault by beating, which he has denied, he was seen laughing and talking under his breath.

She said he threw her around “like a rag doll” during the incident.

“He was calling me a slag, that I was fat and that no-one would ever want to touch me again,” Davis said on the witness stand.

“He put his thumb into the side of my gums, and that’s when I really started to panic. He was having, what I know and what Jeremy knows as, ‘psychotic episodes’,” she added.

“He took my phone off me, and I was trying to get it off him and he was ragging me everywhere. He bit the inside of my arm.”

She said her ex had downed a bottle of wine before he returned to her home.

Davis said McConnell left but climbed the back fence and banged on the doors.

She added: “Then I heard him go over the gate and I thought ‘this is like a horror film’ He was booting my glass doors with his foot, and I thought the glass was going to shatter.

“I thought, ‘this is it, he’s going to kill me.'”

Davis said McConnell had been told that their relationship was over, and he threatened to smash a bottle of wine over his head.

She said her mum then arrived, but she was unable to leave the room upstairs as McConnell had her in a headlock.

“Jeremy wouldn’t let me leave the room, he had me in a headlock. When I tried to leave he would tighten it. I had to lie and say I was going to go to the toilet,” she told the court.

“When I got downstairs to my mum, he’d followed me and he was saying ‘Who have you got here? The f***ing fireman is here isn’t he?’ and started looking through the house.”

They later argued about a vibrator, which came up in Davis’ police statement, and he accused her of using it with her pregnant friend.

“He says it had been moved from a different place. He was convinced I was using it with my friend, It wasn’t true. I wasn’t having a lesbian affair,” she said.

Injuries including bruising on her arms, wrists and legs were shown to the court.

Text messages from McConnell were also shown to the court.

During cross-examination, the defence accused Davis of “fabricating” the account and “embellishing” her story, which she denied.

She pointed out an OK Magazine photo shoot, which did not show bruises on her.

McConnell and Davis argued in court, and were

The accused denies the assault charge. His trial continues.