Thousands turned out for Reykjavik Pride and it looked beautiful

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Thousands of people turned out for Reykjavik Pride today and it looked incredible.

For the first time since the Pride started in 1999, asexuals joined in the march.

Gyða Bjarkadóttir from Asexual in Iceland said: “In Iceland, there are many misconceptions surrounding asexuality and to the general public asexuality is still relatively unknown.”

The Pride is the largest one in the country.

Here are our favourite pictures from the celebration.

A singular “dyke on a bike” led headed up the Pride parade.

Reykjavik Pride
(Photo by danieldantastic/Instagram)

There was a sea of flags throughout the day.

Reykjavik Pride
(Photo by cinziagribiz/Instagram)

People wore their best, and most colourful outfits.

Reykjavik Pride
(Photo by johansonamanda/Instagram)

Even the houses were decorated for the event.

Reykjavik Pride
(Photo by charlielsr/Instagram)

Everybody was represented at the event, as asexuals marched for the first time.

Reykjavik Pride
(Photo by siggaf/Instagram)

There were brilliant signs.

Reykjavik Pride
(Photo by ungframsokn/Instagram)

And beautiful flowers.

Reykjavik Pride
(Photo by misstallulahcreant/Instagram)

Pride goers were blessed with a beautifully sunny day.

Reykjavik Pride
(Photo by arnigr via reykjavikpride/Instagram)

And of course, there was lots of confetti!

Reykjavik Pride
(Photo by nadiakcarter/Instagram)