British church tells man he can be cured of homosexuality if he starves himself

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A shocking undercover investigation has revealed that a British church is claiming to be able to ‘cure’ homosexuality – by starvation.

The Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministry is offering to cure people of homosexuality by telling them to starve for three days.

Liverpool Echo journalist Josh Parry revealed the church’s shocking claims after going undercover, posing as a gay man seeking a cure.

British church tells man he can be cured of homosexuality if he starves himself
Liverpool Echo reporter, Josh Parry

The church’s assistant pastor told him that being gay was “biologically wrong,” but that it can be cured by three days of intense prayer and abstinence from food and water.

The religious leader claimed that going without food and water was necessary as it would “humble his soul”.

The assistant pastor also claimed that the three-day treatment could make people “look younger”.

In a bizarre rant, recorded by the undercover journalist, the pastor calling himself Brother Michael said that people only pretend to be gay due to celebrities.

While labelling homosexuality a “deceit of Satan”, he told the reporter: “How many professors, how many airlines, except those in Hollywood, except the boxer, except the sportsmen, except the singers, are coming out to say they are feeling gay.

“Their reward is the celebrity. That is what you are following in. So many people now want to do it for publicity.

“I thank God that you have come to where you think you will get help and I know you are going to get the help.

“With the help of God, with prayer, with praying, with the help of God you will have children. You will marry and have your children.”

The journalist also recorded the pastor yelling at a group session: “Die in the name of Jesus and Christ.

“You are a liar. Die in the fire.”

Commenting after the footage was released, the church pointed out that “nobody has dropped dead” from their suggested fast.

The church’s pastor, Dr Desmond Sanusi, said: “If you come to the church to come and pray to come and know god better you are welcome. We don’t discriminate against people.

“It’s been running for over 20 years and nobody has dropped dead.”

They strongly denied that they discriminated, saying all people are welcome at the Liverpool church.

Gay cure therapy has been widely and conclusively debunked by experts.

It is not possible to change a person’s sexuality, by fasting or by any other means.

Despite this, the practice remains legal in the UK.

It is banned on the NHS, and any professional who is a member of the General Medical Council found to offer gay cure therapy would be struck off.

Visit the Liverpool Echo here to see the full undercover video.