5 Seconds of Summer star Luke Hemmings accused of homophobia by ex

5 Seconds of Summer singer Luke Hemmings has been accused of homophobia, racism and cheating by his ex-girlfriend.

Arzaylea, the ex of Hemmings, accused the singer of cheating on her and of his group of homophobia and racism in a string of social media posts.

She accused him of cheating, alleging that he used cocaine and escorts.

5 Seconds of Summer (Getty)

Arzaylea wrote: “We’re gonna talk about the escorts. The cocaine. The cheating on ME. The lies. Everything that led to me leaving YOU. I’m tired of everyone thinking this is for attention because dead ass I;ve been holdin in my pain for a year. I made a mistake but he made a million.”

She also engagned with Hemmings’ fans who said she was wrong to accuse him of homophobia and racism.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “Bitch just leave Luke alone. The fact that you could ever think luke is in anyway homophobic/ sexist/ racist is the most disgusting thing.”

To which Arzaylea responded: “didn’t say him. his friends/group he hangs out with”, adding: “because you are who you surround yourself with and I wasn’t friends with them for like 6 months before I broke up with him.”

On Instagram she responded to criticism, saying: “Is that why he was still fucking me the NIGHT before he went out with another girl? Y’all need to realize none of these guys are perfect. I’m over being the one in trouble lmao.”

She also wrote: “The racism, judgement and homophobia that happens in that group. It’s disgusting.”

Ending with a suggestion that she would take her accusations further, saying: “Y’all don’t know the whole story. You will soon! xoxo”.

The 21-year-old’s band 5 Seconds of Summer supported One Direction in 2013.

Hemmings has more than 9 million Twitter followers who often defend him against criticisms.

He and Arzaylea, an influencer, split up earlier this year.

It was rumoured that Arzaylea cheated on her with singer Blackbear, who posted a photo of his crotch on Instagram, tagging her in it.

The accusations by Arzaylea have not been acknowledged by Hemmings’ or his PR team.