Pregnant transgender man plans to raise genderless child with two mothers

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A pregnant trans man has told the world that his unborn child will be raised with two mothers and no set gender.

Alex Alvarez, 25, is eight months pregnant with the baby and does not want to impose a gender on them.

The business assistant lives in Los Angeles with his girlfriend Carla Gonzalez, 33, and their friend Cole James, 36, all of whom will parent the child together.

carla gonzalez facebook
The trio’s hands over Alvarez’s womb (Facebook/Carla Gonzalez)

He said: “We want him or her to choose his or her own gender.

“I’ve got a nephew who is proud he is a man. He has chosen that, and that is great.

“We will raise our child genderfluid, until they can choose what gender they wish to be.”

Alvarez specifically indicated that the three parents are not in a three-way relationship.

Gonzalez, an executive assistant, attempted to conceive a child with the help of an unknown sperm donor, but tragically suffered two miscarriages.

After the second, she decided with Alvarez that he should try for a child.

alex alvarez facebook 2
(Facebook/Alex Alvarez)

And he explained that the decision to involve James was simple.

“Cole also wanted to be a mother, so we decided we would co-parent,” Alvarez explained.

He said he told friends and family about the pregnancy early on, but waited until seven months in to reveal the news on social media.

“People have had a mix of feelings, from really happy to not excited and confused,” he said, adding that when he revealed the pregnancy online, reactions were exclusively positive.

cole james with alex alvarez and carla gonzalez
Cole James with Alex Alvarez and Carla Gonzalez (Facebook/Cole James)

“I don’t even look that pregnant,” he remarked.

“I’ve stopped taking hormones now, because of the baby, and even when I did I didn’t grow much facial hair. We aren’t a very hairy family.

“In big clothes and with coats on, you can’t really tell I am pregnant.”

Alvarez is now planning for a home birth, and is hoping to be able to breastfeed the child.

The father concluded: “I’m hoping that we raise this baby with unconditional love and give them the chance to choose who they wish to be in this life.”