This gay twist ending to the girlfriend vs the other girl meme has gone viral

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We’ve all seen the girlfriend vs the other girl meme.

Even if you don’t know it by name, your timeline will have been saturated by it over the past couple of weeks, as everyone jumps on the latest meme.

You know the drill: while walking with his girlfriend, a guy stares at another woman in that gross way men do, and the girlfriend looks at him, outraged.

A couple of quick labels on the relevant characters, and you’ve got yourself a new twist on the meme of the moment.

The picture which provided this year’s meme of the summer can be found on multiple stock image sites – but further images pulled from those collections reveal a shocking twist ending.

The narrative of the story so far is pretty clear, with the obvious conclusion being that the girlfriend will dump her oafish man and find a better partner.

So, does she? Hell yes, she does.

Rather than punch her stereotype of an idiot boyfriend in the face, she greets the other woman with a smile, even going for coffee with her.

Naturally, the forgotten, now presumably ex-boyfriend is nowhere to be seen.

And in the next image, the women are seen lovingly embracing, grinning their faces off, with the former girlfriend enjoying a kiss from the woman who was originally set up as her rival.

You can thank Twitter user lulu for the wonderful ending, which has attracted more than 50,000 retweets and favourites.

And people were absolutely delighted.

One even threw some shade at US TV network The CW, which has attracted criticism for queerbaiting viewers of Riverdale – a backlash which indirectly led to actor Shannon Purser coming out as bi.

Others were just overjoyed at some same-sex representation.

Seems like a fair assessment.

This gay twist ending to the girlfriend vs the other girl meme has gone viral