Who won? Mayweather takes down McGregor in 50th professional win

Mayweather punches McGregor

Floyd Mayweather has beaten Conor McGregor in one of the most talked about fights this year.

Mayweather went toe to toe with his opponent in 10 rounds in the Las Vegas fight.

The boxer announced his retirement after his win, which broke a record as he became the first to win 50 professional bouts.

In the lead up to the game, Mayweather faced criticism for his homophobic remarks against his opponent.

The 40-year-old called McGregor a “faggot” at a press event on July 14.

McGregor, 29, retaliated with racist remarks when he reportedly urged Mayweather to “dance for me, boy”.

A spokesperson for Mayweather said that he had used the homophobic slur after McGregor allegedly used racial slurs against him offstage.

“The reason Floyd called Conor the F word is because Conor called Floyd a monkey,” Mayweather’s rep told TMZ. “Floyd has nothing against gays or lesbians at all… Floyd has them on his staff. Floyd has nothing but the utmost respect for gays and lesbians.”

Three weeks after the incident, Mayweather apologised for the remarks.

He said: “There are certain boundaries you just don’t cross. In the press tour when I said something toward lesbians or gays when I said something toward him.

“I apologized, but him calling us monkeys, you have to realize, we went through years and years of up and down. Black Americans went through a lot.

“But I’m a strong individual. We live and we learn and hopefully, after August 26, he won’t be speaking that same language.”

McGregor previously refused to condemn the homophobic slur.

He said: “I actually didn’t even hear that… [but] people are so touchy on words. It’s absolutely crazy.

“If he said that, I couldn’t give a (expletive). I think what he was trying to do was to switch it up and get the people back in his favour.

“I think it was a bit of a (expletive) move to try and instigate that on me.”

Mayweather was previously caught on tape in 2010 referring to boxer Manny Pacquiao as a “faggot” several times.

He later apologised.

Some questioned that the verbal abuse between the two fighters was staged as part of the four-city world tour they held prior to the fight to trump up excitement.