Catholic school allows transgender pupils to choose their own uniforms

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When we think of progressive transgender rights, it’s pretty accurate to say that Catholic schools are not the first place that spring to mind.

But praise be, it appears that there is one Catholic school that is certainly ready to test that theory.

Two trans pupils have been allowed to pick their own school uniforms so that they better align with their identity in a school in Lismore, Australia, with the full support of the teaching staff.

The two students, who identify as male, have also changed their name on the school register.

Children at school

Children at school (Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Thanks to this, teachers and pupils will call the students by their preferred names.

“I saw one of them during the day and they sort of gave me a thumbs up, so things seem to be going okay,” Trinity Catholic College principal Brother John Hilet told The Northern Star.

“I spoke to the second student before the end of the day and they were very happy with how everything had gone.”

The Principal decided to take action when the two pupils confided in him that they would prefer to wear the male school uniform.

Speaking to a Bishop in his diocese and the Catholic Education Commission, there was a consensus that the pupils should be allowed to wear the uniform of their choosing “for the student’s well-being.”

The educator said that the school will be looking into gender-neutral uniforms and unisex toilets.

The timing of this progressive move might rile the anti same-sex marriage camp in the country.

The Marriage Coalition, who are responsible for the first advert from the no camp, have been slammed for perpetuating the view that equal marriage laws will affect their children’s gender education.

The complaint, which was voiced by a mother in the advertisement who said that her son was told he could wear a dress to school, was rubbished by her son’s school, who said that the remark was fabricated.