Couple shocked to find restaurant called them ‘lesbians’ on receipt

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A couple were horrified when a restaurant referred to them as ‘lesbians’ on their receipt.

Same-sex couple Belinda Mulcahy and Jo James had been celebrating Belinda’s birthday earlier this month with a meal out while staying at Hafan y Môr Holiday Park in Pwllheli, North Wales.

The pair ate their meal without incident, sitting alone together – but when the time came to pay the bill they were shocked at what they found on the receipt.

Above the amount to be paid, Jo noticed the word ‘LESBIANS’. The pair complained and were told that their table had been manually given the name by a staff member.

Couple shocked to find restaurant called them ‘lesbians’ on receipt

A friend of the pair told PinkNews: “Even though it’s true, they were outraged by it. Why on earth would they put on a receipt? I can’t imagine they’d write Jews or Blacks or even Disabled.”

Speaking to Diva Magazine, Ms James said: “Belinda looked at me and she said, ‘Are you alright?’ I showed her and she was speechless.

“We hadn’t done anything overt. We hadn’t been kissing at the bar or holding hands. We could have been friends. We could have been relations.

“We could have been a whole host of things. So the fact he decided to identify us as lesbians was a bit horrifying.

“We were shocked at how stupid this man had been.

“I don’t know what upon earth possessed the staff member a) to write it and b) to hand me the receipt with it on.”

The manager apparently gave the staff member responsible a ‘telling off’, before offering the women free drinks as compensation.

However, the pair say the apology doesn’t come close to making it right.

A statement from the holiday park says: “This incident should not have occurred and we are sorry for any distress caused.

“Following an investigation conducted by management, the individual concerned has been subject to internal disciplinary action.

“Our team members will also undertake refreshed training courses to ensure that an incident like this does not occur in the future.”

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