Munroe Bergdorf tells Piers Morgan ‘You are sexist’ in fiery Good Morning Britain row

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Piers Morgan has entered into a fiery row with transgender model Munroe Bergdorf about racism which saw the Good Morning Britain host repeatedly speak over his guest.

Munroe, who was sacked last week by L’Oréal because she said all white people should take responsibility for fighting racism after the white supremacist march in Charlottesville, has received enormous support online for speaking out.

Piers has repeatedly caused outrage by discriminating against non-binary and genderfluid people, and did so again this morning on GMB with a cruel mock apology.

And he marked his return to TV by whining about feeling offended by Munroe’s comments on race.

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The anti-racism activist explained: “I don’t think that all white people are by nature racist.

“From conception to birth I think that we are all the same, but we need to speak how we are socialised as people, and my post was based on socialisation and racism as a structure.”

She told Piers that “it takes actively dismantling racism to be an ally as if you’re not doing anything then you are helping racism.”

Violence against trans women of colour is typically higher than against other people, with 17 having been killed in the US in this year alone.

But the GMB host, who broke three ribs last week, ignored this call to help tackle racism, instead choosing to moan about his snowflake-like feelings.

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He told Munroe that she had written: “White people are racist due to socialising in the same way that men are socialised to be sexist and heterosexual people are socialised to be homophobic.”

He continued: “I am a white, straight male guy, so I’m enemy number one, so I’m a racist, sexist homophobic by your logic.”

In a drop-the-mic moment, Munroe told him: “You are sexist, yes.

“Some of the things you say are sexist.”

He snapped back: “Who are you to make these comments?

(Photo by munroebergdorf/Imstagram)
(Photo by munroebergdorf/Imstagram)

“You are calling all straight, white men like me these awful things, and it’s very offensive.”

Munroe patiently explained to him: “This is why there is a problem, because you are taking it personally.

“Please let me speak – instead of taking it personally, please…be part of the solution rather than the problem.

“Sexism doesn’t come from women, it’s caused by men.”

The 29-year-old British model continued: “Talking about racism isn’t causing a divide. Society has placed all white people with a certain privilege.

“That means if you are not dismantling racism or helping, then you are part of the problem because that makes you complicit.

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(Chris Jepson)

“You need to actually actively work with people of colour to put diversity into place.”

She hit out again at L’Oréal for sacking her, saying that their decision “goes completely against what diversity is.

“And we need diversity, because we have racism.

“Did you know white people have a better chance of getting out of poverty than black people in this country?”

Munroe said she regretted nothing, and vowed to continue standing up against racism.

“I don’t regret my words, because I am an activist. I’m not going to say a bunch of things people will like,” she said.

Trans model Munroe Bergdorf with Lorraine Kelly
(Chris Jepson for PinkNews)

“Yes, I said all white people are racist, but that’s because they all have access to white privileges.

And, as if explaining to a toddler that dragons aren’t real, she added: “I’m not talking about literally every single white person.”

Piers responded: “You said all white people, so why are you playing the victim.”

She denied this, replying: “I’m not playing the victim, I’m saying what’s right – all white people have access to white privilege.

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“It’s basic socialisation and racial theory, Piers, look it up.”

In his usual petty way, he told the audience: “Well, if you’re still prepared to listen to me, a white, straight man, then there’s more coming up.

“Munroe won’t be listening to me, that’s for sure.”

Caitlyn Jenner also appeared on today’s GMB, revealing that her contact with the Kardashians is limited.

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“The Kardashian side – I really don’t talk to them very often. I just kind of deal with that,” she told Piers and Susanna Reid.

“Fortunately, I have a lot of children,” the Olympic gold medallist added, throwing some shade.

She said that her new book was an “honest” look at her life which she was “extraordinarily proud of.”

However, she added that “unfortunately, the Kardashians and particularly Kris didn’t see it that way.”

The reality TV star said: “Since the book came out, I’ve never talked to Kris again.

“Kim I haven’t spoken to in six to nine months.”

Watch Munroe take on Piers below: