9 reasons why staying with misterb&b is the best way to make new friends on holiday

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When you go on holiday these days you’ve got more choice than ever before on where to stay.

As well as big-name hotels and more boutique offerings, there’s also the option of really soaking up the vibe by staying like a gay local and renting a room from a misterb&b host.

Part of the fun of misterb&b is getting to know your hosts, who are often a great source of local knowledge, and for LGBT travellers, there are definite advantages to staying with an LGBT or LGBT-friendly host.

We spoke to our friends at misterb&b and they gave us their top nine reasons why staying with a gay host is the best.

1. You can stay with a host that shares your interests

Check out a host’s profile to see if you’re compatible.

If you share the same hobbies and passions, maybe it’s more likely you’ll get on, hang out together and build a connection and friendship.

2. misterb&b hosts love to make their guests welcome and show them around

Whether you’re going to dinner together, a bar, the tourist hotspots or the beach, your host will want to make you feel welcome… it’s like a ready-made friend!

Going to a bar or club alone can be intimidating, having a new buddy makes it more fun.

3. They can advise you on the best places to go…

Hosts have busy lives and can’t always go out with you, but they can still share their local insider info.

With so many options for food, drink and partying on the gay scene, it can be hard to know where best to suit your style.

Well, your host can help. Also, the best events, parties and excursions aren’t always advertised, but your misterb&b host might know about this more secret stuff!

4. …and the best time!

As you may know already, go to a bar in Barcelona or Madrid before midnight and you’ll probably end up alone talking to the bar staff!

Indeed, different cultures have different times for eating, drinking and partying, which your host can make sure you understand. Make sure you don’t end up out alone… you won’t make any new travel buddies like that!

5. You’ll probably meet your host’s friends, too

If you hang with a host, you might have the chance to meet their buddies, too, meaning more new friends to get to know and share fun with. Result.

6. You’ll have the chance to meet other guests from all over the world

If your misterb&b host is renting out multiple rooms you can meet fellow travellers right over the threshold of your room.

And, if you both want it, explore the city together. Hang out in common areas and make the effort to get to know each other.

7. It’s affordable

misterb&b is far cheaper than a hotel, so you’ll have more money to go out, try different activities, go partying, and increase your chance or making new friends.

8. Your host can teach you a few words of the local language

You can then use this to impress the locals when you’re out (or use them on Grindr!) and communicate more easily.

9. misterb&b’s new meet up nights

A great chance to hang out with other guests and hosts in the city you’re visiting and meet people from all over the world.

Plus, the first drink is on misterb&b! The next ones coming up are in Ibiza (September 12) and Amsterdam (September 20).