Man rings radio show to say Hitler was right to put gay people in concentration camps

Adolf Hitler

A radio show is facing furious backlash after it aired a caller who claimed Hitler was right to intern gay people.

The caller rang in to ABC Melbourne, an Australian radio channel, that was debating the country’s upcoming vote on same-sex marriage.

The show, Mornings with Jon Faine, had the state of Victoria’s Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commissioner, Kristen Hilton, in the studio.

Adolf Hitler, German dictator

Ms Hilton was in the studio to debate her commission backing marriage equality.

The programme put to an air a man who disclosed only his first name, Don.

Don lambasted the equal opportunities advocate – telling her she should “remain neutral” in the debate.

When both the commissioner and the radio host challenged Don, he became more riled by the phone-in.

And just when the call seemed to be wrapping up, he declared that he had one more point he wanted to make.

“Hitler put all those kind of people in their own concentration camps – it’s one of the two good things he did,” Don said.

He added: “It’s one of the two good things he did, the other was build the autobahns [a road system in Germany].”

After a series of long pauses – the host and his guest clearly in shock – the radio presenter replied: “There’s an old saying in public policy – when people bring up Nazism for or against the argument you pretty much know you’ve lost.”

During Nazi rule, around 100,000 gay men, and some lesbians, were arrested for homosexuality or suspected homosexuality.

An estimated 10,000-15,000 gay men were sent to concentration camps, where few survived.

Listen to the full shocking discussion here:

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The channel has been criticised heavily for allowing the call to be aired.

A spokesperson for ABC Melbourne said: “The call lasted just under three minutes and was civil until the caller made a highly offensive remark referencing Hitler.

“Once Jon had clarified what the caller had said, the call was immediately terminated.”