The Pope claims accepting transgender people will make everyone infertile

Pope Francis has said that technological advances which enable transitioning are making straight people infertile.

The pontiff also condemned the concept of non-binary people, saying that this too somehow jeopardises the creation of life.

He was speaking to the Pontifical Academy for Life, the Vatican’s bioethics advisory board which deals with issues like abortion and euthanasia.

Pope Francis kisses a baby upon his arrival for his weekly general audience at St. Peter's square in the Vatican, on September 27, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / VINCENZO PINTO (Photo credit should read VINCENZO PINTO/AFP/Getty Images)


In his speech, the Pope railed against all who promote what he saw as the “utopia of the neutral”.

He accused these people of wanting to eradicate gender-associated behaviours.

“Rather than contrast negative interpretations of sexual differences … they want to cancel these differences out altogether,” he said.

The leader of the Catholic Church added that progressive activists were “proposing techniques and practices that render them irrelevant for human development and relations.”

Practises like this, he said, “risk dismantling the source of energy that fuels the alliance between men and women and renders them fertile,” the Press Association has reported.

Pope Francis (L) caresses Tadas, carried by his father Prime Minister of Lithuania Saulius Skvernelis at the end of their private audience at the Vatican, on October 6, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / POOL / Alessandra Tarantino        (Photo credit should read ALESSANDRA TARANTINO/AFP/Getty Images)


Last year, the Pope said the increased visibility of trans people was “terrible”.

Growing acceptance of trans issues was due to “ideological colonising” through textbooks financed by wealthy people and institutions in “very influential countries,” he added.

His official statement after the Pulse Massacre failed to even acknowledge that the attack was homophobic or that it took place in a gay club.

Earlier this year, the Pope was allegedly left furious after a gay orgy was discovered in a cardinal’s apartment, it was claimed.

Italian newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano reported that Vatican police raided the apartment of a senior aide to Pope Francis.

SANTIAGO DE CUBA, CUBA - SEPTEMBER 22:  Pope Francis holds a baby as he leaves the cathedral after holding a mass and blessing the city on September 22, 2015 in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. Pope Francis leaves for the United States after spending four days in Cuba.  (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)


Police allegedly busted the orgy in an apartment that belongs to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith — a department whose duties include dealing with clerical sexual abuse.

Last year, the Pope released a report which said gay people should receive “assistance” to bring them back to normality.

The report also affirmed that there were “absolutely no grounds” for considering recognition of “homosexual unions”.