X Factor star comes out as straight after everyone assumed he was gay

An X Factor star has come out as heterosexual after admitting that everyone – including his own mother – assumed he was gay.

Joel Fishel, one half of singing duo Jack and Joel, describes himself as “camp and effeminate” but says he is simply just comfortable with his sexuality.

The revelations comes after the boys, who met at Oxford University, were voted off this year’s series.

Jack Remington (L) and Joel Fishel (R)

He told the Daily Star: “Everyone just presumes I’m gay and that me and Jack are a couple. But I’m straight.

“Even my mum sort of asked me one time. She kind of said to me that, ‘if you’re gay you know that would be OK, don’t you.’

“I’ve always been a little bit camp and effeminate.

“I used to dress up in swimming costumes when I was younger.

“But I’ve never done anything with another guy. That’s just who I am, but I’m comfortable with my sexuality.”

He added: “It’s ironic because it’s almost like I have to come out as straight!”

The 22-year-old did reveal he shares a bed with singing partner Jack Remington, who is gay, though.

“We are best friends we are best friends and incredibly close,” he said.

“We often stay in hotels together and share a bed to save money.

“I find it strange that people think that a straight guy and a gay guy can be so close.”

Jack and Joel were voted off on a weekend of shows themed around George Michael, who died suddenly on Christmas Day 2016.

But fans were unhappy at many of the renditions – claiming contestants “ruined” the star’s hits.

Fans accused the show of “murdering” the music of the late star.

Many took umbrage at a version of the hit ‘Faith’ by Rak Su, which included a rap verse.

“George Michael will be turning in his grave,” said one fan on Twitter.

A second added: “George Michael is trending number one in the UK because we’re all horrified hat this is happening.”

And another said: “What a shambles.”

“I do wonder if the sound quality isn’t conveying as well to the viewers at home as it is in the X Factor studio. These singers sound awful and they’re murdering George Michael classics!” said another.

Others called the show a “disgrace” for the live episode.

The George Michael special came just two weeks after he scored a posthumous number one album with Listen Without Prejudice.

George appeared on the ITV talent show himself back in 2009.

He performed with gay X Factor contestant Joe McElderry shortly before he won the show in front of millions of viewers.