This teenager has made an inspiring video about coming out as gay and trans

A 16-year-old has released an amazing YouTube video about their experience of coming out as gay and then trans.

Cas Bradbeer was aiming to provide young people with helpful advice.

The student said: I’m quite confident and outgoing now, but when I was younger it wasn’t the same.

“I really wasn’t happy with who I was,” they added.


“I came out as gay, and then trans a year later,” Cas said, revealing that he had accepted the help of a gay friend in the process.

But they told viewers: “Most LGBT young people don’t have someone to give them the information they need to accept themselves.

Bradbeer discusses what being trans means in the moving video (YouTube/CasBradbeer)

“And so I decided to be that person for those people that weren’t as lucky as me.”

Bradbeer, who goes to Latymer Upper School in London, was elected Deputy Youth Mayor with 1,609 votes earlier this year.

The role was launched last year to give young people a formal role in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham council and have a say on policy.

As Deputy Youth Mayor, Bradbeer aims to improve services and environments for young LGBT people.


In their video, they drew attention to the way in which people use ‘gay’ as an insult, saying that using the word like that was “damaging” to gay people.

They also recommended steps that other young people could take to combat anti-LGBT hatred.

“Let people who are being bullied know about counselling services that could help them.


“Feel free to correct people who are using people’s incorrect name or pronouns.

“Everyone makes mistakes, and it’s absolutely fine to slip up … just correct yourself in front of the person and start using the right pronoun.”

They added: “Make trans people in particular feel comfortable in gendered spaces like loos and changing rooms.


“Those environments can be really difficult for trans people, so it’s important to try and make them feel as comfortable as possible.

“Ask us our pronouns,” Cas continued, but not other, more intrusive questions.

“Just ask yourself: would you be happy if someone asked you about your genitals?

“I wouldn’t.”

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Cas has previously said: “From personal and second-hand experience of the difficulties that minority groups such as LGBT+ people face, I have become determined to help young people and the community in tackling these issues.”

Such issues include how 45% of gay secondary school pupils have experienced homophobic bullying, according to a report by Stonewall.

Elementary School

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Nearly half of transgender schoolchildren have attempted suicide.

More than four in every five have self-harmed.

You can watch Bradbeer’s video here: