George Michael’s boyfriend Fadi Fawaz says he will never find love again

BERLIN, Germany: British pop star George Michael poses as he walks over the red carpet prior the screening of "George Michael - A Different Story" at the Berlin Film Festival 16 February 2005. The film, directed by Southan Morris and presented out of competition, is a documentary featuring the life, career and politics of the iconic pop star. AFP PHOTO DDP/MICHAEL KAPPELER GERMANY OUT (Photo credit should read MICHAEL KAPPELER/AFP/Getty Images)

The boyfriend of late singer George Michael has said he believes he will never find love again.

Fadi Fawaz, a fine art dealer who dated the Wham! star until his death, says George was his one true love.

George was found dead at his home in Goring-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, age 53, on Christmas Day 2016.

According to the coroner’s report he died of natural causes, not from a drug overdose as some claimed.

Fadi said: “It is very sad you know. If he’s not here, he’s not here.

“There will never ever be a lover in my life after George.

“I do not have anyone in my life and there will never be anyone ever. That is the truth.”

It was revealed earlier this week that police launched an investigation into how a 999, thought to be by Fadi, was leaked to the media.

Two members of ambulance staff were interviewed by police as authorities sought to find the source of the leak.

British singer George Michael (Photo credit should read MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/GettyImages)

The singer was discovered in his bed by partner Fadi, who is said to have called emergency services.

A statement issued by solicitors said the star’s loved ones were “truly appalled” that it was made public.

A document obtained by the journalism department of Highbury College, via a freedom of information request, showed Thames Valley Police had “sufficient suspicion” to interview the South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS) staff members.

“A man and a woman were voluntarily interviewed under caution as part of the investigation.

“No arrests were made and no further action was taken in relation to the two people.”

The investigation has now concluded.

SCAS said: “Following an internal investigation appropriate action has been taken in accordance with our internal processes and the matter has now been concluded.”

However the investigation had been “unable to conclude as to where or how” the leak happened, leaving serious questions unanswered.

The Lebanon born ex model has been embroiled in arguments ever since the singer’s death, but staunchly denies selling stories on his late boyfriend.

Fawaz says he has been left with hardly any money since the death, though, writing online: “Everything stopped and six months later the icon partner still struggles to buy milk and water six months later. That’s is the truth (sic).”