Things are hotting up between CBB’s Courtney Act and Andrew Brady and fans are shook

Celebrity Big Brother viewers and contestants alike have been left amazed by the growing relationship between drag queen Courtney Act and straight Apprentice star Andrew Brady.

The Saturday night episode of Celebrity Big Brother showed new levels of flirting between Courtney and Andrew, prompting housemates and fans alike to speculate.

When asked about the tension between the two, Courtney -known as Shane when out of drag- initially denied the possibility of any future relationship.

She said: “I think he likes girls and I think whilst Courtney is an attractive girl he is intellectually aware that there’s a difference.”

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Andrew admitted to having a crush on Courtney during Friday’s episode, prior to a scene that showed Andrew and Shane kissing at the prompting of another housemate.

When asked about the kiss that occurred between Andrew and the non-dragged up Shane on Friday, the drag star dismissed the idea that the kiss held emotional meaning, saying: “Lads do that sort of thing.”

Courtney continued: “I’m not living with that expectation, I just enjoy having a friend and a partner in crime. I don’t want to be the creepy unrequited love friend.”

During a scene where the housemates were getting ready for the evening, Andrew described the dragged-up Courtney as ‘eye candy’ and ‘a hottie.’

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Later in the show, the other contestants on Celebrity Big Brother discussed the blossoming relationship after Courtney and Andrew were absent from the main group for over an hour.

The housemates agreed that a relationship between Courtney/Shane and Andrew was highly likely and that ‘he’s the only one who doesn’t know.’

They then acknowledged that such a relationship would be a huge moment for Andrew, who identifies as straight.

“I don’t think we should point it out because it’s a big step for Andrew.”

In a telling following conversation with fellow housemate Malika Haqq, Courtney said that whilst nothing had happened between her and Andrew that evening, she was playing ‘the long game’ with the Apprentice star.

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A later scene of the show showed Andrew in a hot tub, where he was briefly joined by Courtney who promptly licked Andrew’s cheek in order to ‘mark her territory.’

Comedian Dapper Laughs, who was also in the hot tub insisted that there was a mutual level of attraction between the pair, saying to Andrew: “You’re in denial.”

Despite the mixed signals from the pair, fans were less ambiguous with their support for the growing relationship, taking to Twitter in spades.

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Another wrote: “I’m starting to think that Andrew does fancy Courtney”

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“I’m madly shipping Andrew and Courtney,” a third wrote.

Andrew has previously discussed his mixed feelings towards Courtney, begging Big Brother to keep him sober around the drag queen just in case.

During Friday’s episode, Andrew described to his fellow housemates how he feels about Courtney both in and out of drag.

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He said: “When I see Courtney and I go, ‘Whoa’, you know, good looking with the bum implants with the fake boobs and the hair and it all looks great.

“But deep down I know it’s still Shane under there, but Courtney has the same sense of humour, the same personality as Shane.”

Courtney has won over the hearts of many fans and is now the favourite to win Celebrity Big Brother.