Grindr is making users sad, a study has revealed

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A new study has found that Grindr makes people more miserable than any other app.

Time Well Spent, an organisation dedicated to “reversing the digital attention crisis”, asked 200,000 people about their app usage.

Cataloguing the general public’s emotional responses to apps, the organisation asked those surveyed to rank every app they use and report on how happy or unhappy it made them feel.

And you guessed it, an overwhelming 77% of people said that they felt regret when they logged into Grindr.

But all is not lost for your sex and dating hopes.

As the study found that a user’s ’unhappy’ amount is 2.4 times the amount of ‘happy time,’ simply cutting down on how long you use the dating app can make you a happy Grindr warrior once again.

This is probably why time-sucking apps like Candy Crush Saga ranked highly, with the gaming app coming second place and taking 71% of the vote, while Facebook took the doleful third place spot with a 64% score.

According to the experts on Recode Decode, the average Grindr user spends 71 minutes on the app.

Host of the podcast Casey Newton said that he could “understand” why the app would make so many of its users miserable.

“Grindr is this slot machine where you open it and sometimes there’s messages from beautiful people who want to meet you and sometimes there’s nothing,” he said.

“And you’re kind of on this Ferris wheel of just up and down and up and down and up and down. Sometimes you’re having these great experiences and sometimes you’re having really bad experiences, too.”