Grindr Unwrapped reveals what users have been up to in 2023

Grindr Unwrapped

From Spotify Wrapped to PornHub’s searches of the year, to the biggest fetish of 2023, everyone loves the end of year round-ups that shine a light on our own activities from the past 12 months.

On Tuesday (19 December), LGBTQ+ dating app Grindr released its own list revealing this year’s biggest trends, from the countries with the most tops, bottoms, bears, and twinks, to the proportion of leather-lovers looking for a match, to its users’ most exciting showbiz moments of the year (spoiler alert, it contains a lot of Kylie). 

So what did we learn from this year’s Grindr Unwrapped

Sex and relationships

Starting with sex and relationships – the stuff Grindr is made of – the dating app analysed activity of users from around the globe to figure out which countries contain the most tops, bottoms, and verses. 

The report, based on anonymous data from users, found Trinidad & Tobago, Kenya, China, Myanmar, and Greece lead the world with the highest percentage of tops. Meanwhile, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Denmark, and Finland had the highest number of bottoms in the world.

Versatile users hailed from Finland, Austria, Germany, Australia, and Hungary.

In terms of LGBTQ+ identities, twinks were most common from the Netherlands, Belgium, Brazil, Switzerland, and the UK, while bears of the world were in their biggest percentages in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, the UAE (United Arab Emirates), and Greece. 

For those not looking for traditional monogamy, the highest percentage of open relationships were reported in South Korea, Nigeria, Pakistan, Malaysia, and Switzerland.

The dating app also revealed that its most popular time was Sundays at 6pm. It’s a day of rest, but not for queer men!


In terms of kinks and fetishes, the LGBTQ+ dating app also ranked its users by percentages of people into feet, leather, armpits, and other turn-ons. 

The UK ranked highly in several kink categories, featuring among the highest percentages of Leather Daddies, foot-lovers and armpit-lovers. It was also one of the top countries with users describing themselves as “vanilla”. 

Other foot-lovers include Italy, Germany, the US, and France, while armpit aficionados hailed from Germany, France, Brazil, and Morocco. 

Leather-lovers were also in the biggest supply in the Netherlands, Belgium, Panama, and Switzerland.

For those looking for d**k pics, the US was in the lead, with the highest global percentage of those welcoming NSFW photos. 

Grindr’s entertainment winners

Beyonce Renaissance World Tour.
A Renaissance concert-film is reportedly coming to AMC cinemas. (Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Parkwood)

Grindr also surveyed its users on their top entertainment moments of the year, announcing Beyoncé as its “mother of the year”, with Taylor Swift a close second. 

Movies, TV shows, and albums were also under the spotlight, with Barbie stealing the iconic top spot for “movie of the year”, followed by Red, White & Royal Blue, and Oppenheimer

Also taking top spots were the heartwarming Heartstopper series, and – of course – Kylie Minogue’s Tension scoring “album of the year”. 

Taking the crown for “drag moment of the year” was of course Troye Sivan’s “pop girl energy” in the video for One Of Your Girls.

Politicians also made an unexpected appearance in Grindr’s Unwrapped, with former Republican congressman George Santos featuring in the category “Gay gasp: The moments that gagged you most” after claims that he had spent campaign money on botox and OnlyFans subscriptions. Also high in that category were *those* Lizzo accusations.

Tristan Pineiro, VP of Brand Marketing and Communications at Grindr, said in a statement: “We are so excited to bring Grindr Unwrapped back for another year.

“Unwrapped is our way of celebrating our global user community and shedding some light on how, where, and what we loved in 2023. 

“As a community, we’ve always had our finger on the pulse of pop culture, and it’s always so much fun to see Grindr users’ hot takes on the year via Unwrapped.”