LGBT people have attended a Queer Prom and the photos are beyond fantastic

Prom can be a pretty awkward and frustrating experience if you’re LGBT.

Awkward school teachers who even struggled to teach us about the finer technicalities of sex ed can also struggle to make prom an inclusive, joyous experience for its queer pupils.

That’s why organiser Vicki Cook decided to create Queer Prom, a prom based in Brighton exclusively for LGBT people.

For just £5, promgoers could have perfect prom experience they always wanted – while being in the company of likeminded people sharing the same experience.

“Didn’t go to your Prom? Or didn’t go as your true self?” asked the event’s Facebook page.

“Do it again. Do it right. Do it Queer AF. We are here to make all your queer dreams come true! We’re creating a queer winter wonderland with live music, queer performance, DJs, photobooth and so much more! Grab your dates and your crowns because at Queer Prom – you’re all royalty!” it continued.

And by looking at the photos alone, it’s clear to see that it was a night to remember.


“I went to my prom but not before being forced into a long dress, heels, a spray tan and a Debenhams makeover. I spent the entire night feeling so alienated and invisible. I had no idea who I was at this time and was totally oblivious to what a queerdo I was,” said Queer Prom creator Vicki to PinkNews.

” I didn’t go to my college prom because as a teenager I was riddled with anxiety, depression and was drinking myself into oblivion, but getting through those experiences at Winter Queer Prom we finally got the chance to be able to celebrate as ourselves!” added co-creator Jules.



“Queer Prom came about out of a desire to change the narrative around LGBTQ+ peoples experiences of Prom. We spoke with members of our community about their experiences of Prom and no one had a positive Prom story,” the pair said.

“Either they didn’t go to their Prom or they went but weren’t able to have the experience that they wanted to because of their gender or sexuality among other things. People were unable to attend with the partner they wanted to go with because they were of the same gender or they weren’t able to present themselves in a way that best reflected their gender identity for fear of being victimised. Because of this, we decided to create the Prom we should all have had the opportunity to attend and experience,” they added.

All proceeds from the event will be going to good causes to provide even more support to young LGBT people.

The funds will be split between All Sorts Youth Project, which empowers LGBT teens in the area, as well as MindOut, an LGBTQ mental health service.

“We are planning on making Queer Prom a bi-annual event in Brighton (Winter and Summer) and preparations are already underway for our next event! Details to follow. We’re also looking into expanding the capacity of the event so that more people have the chance to re-do their Prom,” the pair said.

“We will also be taking Queer Prom on the road, such as to London, Bristol and Manchester, so keep an eye out for us!”

Photos: Kaleido Shoots