Celebrity Big Brother: Ann Widdecombe shocked to be in the final five due to her ‘unfashionable views’

Ann Widdecombe has said that she was surprised to be kept on Celebrity Big Brother due to her “unfashionable views” on many social issues.

Speaking in the Diary room after being saved from the eviction on Tuesday, the ultra-conservative MP confessed that she was shocked to be kept in by the public vote.

She said: “Well, I think it’s rather surprising.

“I mean, when I consider that I’m a pensioner and a defender of the unborn and traditional marriage and the Roman Catholic Church, all of which are unfashionable views, and that I am the scourge of political correctness and general snowflakery and emotional incontinence, I think it’s surprising that I’m still here.”

(Photo: Channel 5)

Ann has been a noted defender of ‘traditional’ marriage, working heavily with the Coalition for Marriage – the national campaign to block same-sex marriages.

After marriage equality was introduced in 2014, Ann attacked Prime Minister David Cameron for introducing the law, saying she felt “alienated by gay marriage”.

During an early episode of the show, Ann clashed with India Willoughby and Courtney Act over her definition of marriage as between one man and one woman.

Former MP Anne Widdecombe speaks at anti same-sex marriage fringe event (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

Reflecting on her controversial time in the Celebrity Big Brother house, the former MP said that her success on the show must be a surprise to everyone, calling herself a ‘miserable old bat’.

“I’m sure nobody was expecting me to get to the final. Everyone thinks I’m a miserable old bat and they’re probably extremely surprised that I’ve got anywhere near the final,” she said.

Ann then discussed the eviction, which saw Malika Haqq, Ashley James and Amanda Barrie lose the public vote and leave the house.

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Amanda and Ann have been firm friends during their shared time in the house, which surprised many viewers as Amanda is married to a woman.

Ann said that she was disappointed to lose Amanda to the triple eviction,

She said: “I was very disappointed to lose Amanda tonight. It came down to her and Shane Lynch and I thought, well either I lose my prayer partner or I lose my entertainment.”

(Photo: Channel 5)

Amanda Barrie fiercely defended Ann during an argument about her voting record with Shane Jenek.

In an interview after her eviction, Amanda lashed out at fans who were criticising Ann for expressing her anti-LGBT views on the show.

Amanda told Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff on Wednesday: “Anybody has the right to say what they like, I think.”

Finalists Courtney Act, Ann Widdecombe, Wayne Sleep, Shane Lynch and Jess Impiazzi will face the Celebrity Big Brother final this Friday.