Charlie Sheen outed as ‘bisexual’ by former friend Lenny Dykstra

Charlie Sheen

Baseballer Lenny Dykstra has outed Charlie Sheen as ‘bisexual’ in a rant against the actor that accused his sexuality of being the reason for his alleged drug abuse.

In an open letter posted on Facebook Dykstra, who is a former friend of Sheen, made a number of claims about the actor’s sexuality, as well as his use of substances.

He claimed that because Sheen is “bisexual” it led to his “addiction” issues.

Opening the letter, Dykstra wrote that he was a “broken-down baseball player” and that he found himself “deeply entrenched in the most epic Hollywood meltdown” because he was trying to “rescue” Charlie Sheen, but was “unsuccessful”.

Dykstra wrote: “If his drug and alcoholic [sic] addiction was not the culprit, what was it that caused Charlie’s cataclysmic fall? What catapulted Charlie sheen into personal and professional oblivion?

“In short, Charlie Sheen is bisexual.”

The 55-year-old claimed that Sheen’s “inability to accept his sexuality eroded his self-worth irreparably, thereby initiating a cascade of inexplicable decisions that resulted in unthinkable consequences”.

(Photo by Rick Stewart/Allsport)

Dykstra claimed that Sheen should not have been afraid to “come out” because the public would have “accepted” his sexuality.

“In Hollywood and the Arts, sexual orientation does not preclude an individual from achieving a successful career.

“Hence, Charlie’s problem is not one of public acceptance of his sexual orientation, but rather, Charlie’s inability to accept his own sexuality,” he wrote.

The damning letter came a day after Dykstra accused Sheen of being complicit in the death of Robin Calamaro, Sheen’s former assistant who died of a drug overdose in 2012.

Sheen has not yet commented on the allegation.

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HIV is not a crime (Graham Denholm/Getty Images)

The Two and a Half Men actor has become a leading voice on HIV after he revealed that he was HIV positive.

He has dramatically increased awareness of people living with HIV after opening up about his diagnosis last year in a bid to end a “cycle” of blackmail, extortion and tabloid rumours.

The actor claimed he had paid out millions to “blackmailers” to ensure the news remained secret, but claims he did not put anyone at risk.

The secrecy led to Sheen dealing with severe depression and suicidal thoughts.

“The day I was diagnosed, I immediately wanted to eat a bullet,” Sheen admits. “But my mom was there, I wouldn’t do that in front of her, or let her find me to clean up that mess.”

According to the actor, there are numerous other HIV-positive stars in Hollywood who are keeping it quiet.

“There are, and I know who they are, but I will take that to my grave,” he said.